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The Story

This blog exists solely for the purpose of helping you realize that you really, really need to Buy  Rent Our Bungalow

Why do we need to sell rent it?  We need to sell rent it because we already own another home.  The market is rebounding, but no one told the appraisers.  We can’t sell it right now because it got a bum appraisal last week and it can’t be contested and sticks with the house for 6 months.  So, we’ve decided to keep it as a rental. 

8 years ago, we purchase the bungalow.  It was our first home and we loved it.  When we bought it, we had 2 little girls (age 2 & 3) and I was pregnant with #3.  2 years later, we had 4 little girls altogether.  We were starting to feel a little cramped (just a little though).  Another year later, an opportunity came about that sent us in another direction.  Another home in Danville was on the market that was about double the size of our bungalow.  It needed SO much work, but we’re not afraid of that.  The price was so low, we couldn’t pass it up.  We bought it.

That was 5 years ago.  We leased our bungalow out so we could move to the hilltop.  Now, the bungalow is empty again and we need to sell rent it.  That’s where you come in.

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